World Religion Library Why I Am Not A Catholic

by Creation Science Evangelism, Inc.
In this work, Dr. Ruckman lists the six main reasons why no Bible-reading, Bible-believing Christian should be a Roman Catholic. They are: the Papacy, Maryolatry, the Roman Catholic Priesthood, the contradictory nature of Church dogma, their claim to being the only infallible interpreters of Holy Scripture, and their abject ignorance of the Holy Bible. In his frank, forthright style, Dr. Ruckman gives a brief, easy-to-understand analysis of the basic tenets of Roman Catholicism in light of the Scriptures. This work also contains a bibliography of works for further study that will expose the true spiritual nature of the “Church” from the Popes down to the IRA terrorists, the Mafia hit men, and the Nazi leadership.
(Print Length: 56 pages)