Children's Library Complete Set

by Creation Science Evangelism, Inc.

Children’s Library

Angie Meets Dawn

Dr. Kent Hovind and Angie Hovind take a walk through the woods to study God's amazing Creation when they run into a baby deer named Dawn and momma deer named Mary. Angie learns about God's brilliant design and the importance of obeying elders.


Claws, Jaws & Dinosaurs

Did Dinosaurs disappear millions of years before man, or did they coexist with man from the beginning? Are there “prehistoric” animals alive and well today? Is the earth billions of years old?  Claws, Jaws and Dinosaurs has the answer to these questions. What if God in his perfect creation had large reptiles living with human beings before the flood? What if the earth is only 6,000-years old? What if dinosaurs are still living on earth, today?


Danny the Dinosaur Books 1 & 2

Book 1 - Danny The Dinosaur explains about the original creation and what it was like in the Garden of Eden from a dinosaur's perspective!

Book 2 - Danny The Dinosaur explains about Noah's Big Boat and the flood in the days of Noah!

God’s Love for You Activity Coloring Book

contains basic Bible verses and spiritual lessons for children to help them grow their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. (14 page coloring and activity book)


The Adventure of The Three Bears Collection

This fun set includes:  1 DVD/1 CD/2 Printed Coloring Books


5 Story/Coloring Books

  • The Adventures of The Three Bears; Cactus (pdf on CD)
  • The Adventures of The Three Bears; Chameleon (pdf on CD)
  • The Adventures of The Three Bears; Eyed Click Beetle (pdf on CD)
  • The Adventures of The Three Bears; Why Do We Bleed (Print Copy)
  • The Adventures of The Three Bears; Why Do Flowers Face The Sun (Print Copy)

 A great gift for a child.  Train them early to see The Creator in Creation!


Kailey and Grandpa Visit Israel

Once upon a time Kailey was reading the Bible to Grandpa Hovind when she asked what Psalms 114:4 meant, “The mountains skipped like rams: and the little hills like lambs.” Grandpa Hovind decided to take Kailey to Israel to find Skip the lamb and ask why God designed lambs to skip.


Kailey and the Pelican

Kailey and Dr. Kent Hovind visit Namibia, South Africa in search of the biggest kind of Pelican in the world! Kailey befriends Pat the Pelican and learns about how amazing God is and how perfect his creation is. Learn why Pat the Pelican loves God so much


The Great Pumpkin

Dr. Kent Hovind and the grandkids (Stephanie, Kailey, Angie, Jordan and Matthew) travel to Wisconsin in search of the biggest pumpkin in the world! Learn about how the original creation had vegetables that were HUGE by today's standards.


Safe in the Ark Coloring Book

Learn why God had Noah build the ark and how God saved Noah and his family as well as the punishment for sin. This book is filled with spiritual lessons that teach kids


When I was a Boy

Dr. Kent Hovind and Stephanie Hovind go back in time to visit little Kent Hovind when he was in 4th grade.


Stephanie’s Visit to Norway

Dr. Kent Hovind takes Stephanie Hovind to Trondhelm, Norway. There they run into Olaf Hovind who teaches them about God's beautiful creation of glaciers, mineral water and reindeer!


Leviathan:The Fire-Breathing Dragon