World Religion Library Answers To My Catholic Friends

by Creation Science Evangelism, Inc.

A great little book to give Catholics

As an evangelical missionary in Italy for over thirty years, Thomas Heinze found that there are certain things that Roman Catholics would like to know about the faith of the Protestants and about the Bible. Moreover, they want clear, honest answers. The ecumenical movement in their own church has made it more important than ever for them to have this information.

Written lovingly to the Roman Catholics, this book uses Scriptures to explain major differences between Catholic and Protestant beliefs. So Catholics won't think this is Protestant theology from an "unapproved" Bible, Heinze uses their own New American Bible. The reader will come face to face with the fact that the Catholic church cannot save, only faith in Jesus can.

It contains such a loving, soul-winning message and invitation to trust in Christ alone, that it's a great book to give to Catholics. And it's inexpensive too!

Now you can point Catholics to Christ with answers to these questions:

  • Do you have the Mass like the Catholic Church?
  • Where do the differences between Catholics and Protestants come from?
  • What is the most important difference between Protestants and Catholics?
  • Why don't Protestants venerate images?
  • Why are Evangelical pastors permitted to marry?
  • Do you believe in Mary?
  • Is there a purgatory?
  • On whom is the Church founded?
  • To whom should we confess?