Dinosaur Library (Teen to Adult)

by Creation Science Evangelism, Inc.

A Pocket Guide to Dinosaurs; Is there an explanation?

More than any other subject, dinosaurs are used to promote the idea of evolution. Museums, media and schools all proclaim that dinosaurs died millions of years ago. They also teach that the birds in your backyard are actually descendents of dinosaurs. But what is the truth? Only when we start with the Bible can we understand the true history of dinosaurs. 94 page soft cover book


Dinosaurs of Eden

Using the Bible, we can actually read about the past (enabling us to correctly understand what we observe in the present in this world), and the future! You’ll read about it in this book, where you will also:

* Learn how “the history book of the universe,” the Bible, enables us to understand all about dinosaurs

* Discover when they lived, what they ate, why we find their bones, what happened to them and much more.

* See the vivid detail in these beautiful, full-color illustrations by artist Bill Looney!

This captivating adventure by Ken Ham explores the Garden of Eden, the exciting days of Noah’s Flood and the Tower of Babel. You’ll learn the true history of the earth and discover the very meaning and purpose of life! 64 page hard cover book


Dragons of the Deep

Can the stories of sea dragons be true? The Bible describes a frightening, huge creature that lived in the sea. Called Leviathan, it had fearsome teeth and armor-plated scales that spears and arrows could not penetrate. Norse legend tells of a colossal sea creature with many arms that could capsize a sailing ship. In 1918, a group of lobster fishermen in Port Stephens, Australia, reported an encounter with “an immense shark of almost unbelievable proportions” that devastated their catch and left them in a state of shock. This book describes in detail:

* Mosasaurus, the Tyrannosaurus rex of the sea

* Megalodon, the shark longer than a school bus

* Sarcosuchus, the “super croc” that weighed up to 8 tons

* Archelon, the sea turtle as large as a Volkswagen Beetle

* Dunkleosteus, the fish that ate sharks for lunch!

And many other sea-dwelling monsters, past and present. 75 page hard cover book


Frozen in Time

Author and Meterologist, Michael Oard, has studied the wooly mammoth and its equally mysterious time period, the Ice Age, for many years and has come to some fascinating conclusions to help lift the fog engulfing the facts. Some of the questions he addresses include:

* What would cause the summer temperatures of the northern United States and Europe to plummet more than 50 degrees Fahrenheit?

* Why did mammoths become extinct across the entire earth at the same time as many other large mammals?

* Why are the mammoth carcasses found generally in standing positions?

* How could these carcasses still have partially decayed food in their stomachs?

Provided here are plausible explanations of the seemingly unsolvable mysteries about the Ice Age and the wooly mammoths.

217 page soft cover book


Dragons - Legends and Lore of Dinosaurs

Explore the links between dragon myths and the reality of dinosaurs through vivid illustrations, interactive pages and fascinating insights! Whether battling saints or terrorizing medieval castles, these creatures provide a fascinating link to man’s earliest history, as well as a shadowy mystery now found only in the pages of ancient texts. Magnificent 24 page hard cover book


Claws, Jaws and Dinosaurs

In this book, William Gibbons and Kent Hovind have attempted to introduce you to the wonderful world of cryptozoology, the science of hidden animals. From the Loch ness Monster to the Dodo of Mauritius, there is a whole world of mysteries to enjoy. It is our hope and prayer that there will come a new generation of godly, Christian explorers, who will endeavor to venture forth to find and present these amazing mysteries of Creation to an unbelieving world. 72 page soft cover book