World Religion Library Understanding Roman Catholicism

by Creation Science Evangelism, Inc.
This book is a wake-up call for Roman Catholics. 
It begins by presenting bad news. Most Catholics are not headed for heaven because their religion teaches them to reject God's word and obey unbiblical traditions of men instead. As proof, the book quotes 37 main Catholic teachings from official Catholic sources. Then the Bible is quoted to show how each Catholic doctrine directly contradicts God's word. 
Once Catholics understand the truth about their religion, and that they are without hope, they are ready for the good news. The book goes on to explain that salvation is God's free gift. You will learn why salvation cannot be obtained by being a Catholic. It cannot be earned by performing sacraments or doing other good works. The book quotes many Bible verses as it lovingly shows you why salvation had to be free, and how you can receive this wonderful gift right now.