WOE DVD Series Section 1

by Creation Science Evangelism, Inc.

WOE Series Section I

Take a journey with Dr. Hovind & finally find out what exactly is going to happen in the end!  Dr. Kent Hovind follows the outline of his book on end times, What On Earth Is About to Happen for Heaven’s Sake?, in this new DVD series. Dr. Hovind covers material originally found in his award winning Creation Seminar Series but goes further taking the listener from the beginning of time to the end of time. Follow along with The Bible Timeline (included in the hard back book and available in two enlarged formats through the CSE Bookstore). Section I of this series is divided into 6 parts/DVDs. Approximately 5 Hours 

Disc 1   An Introduction to the entire series

             Part A  Who is God?  Where did God come from?

            Part B  How was the universe created?  Big Bang or God?

Disc 2  Part C  How old is the earth?

            Part D  Garden of Eden

            Part E  Q & A - Gap Theory?