Special Messages: 13 Topics

by Creation Science Evangelism, Inc.

The Special Message Series contains the following DVD's

Topic 1 Leviathan The Fire Breathing Dragon Job 41 describes a great dinosaur-like reptilian creature that may have breathed fire!

Topic 2 Don’t Swing At The First Pitch God’s perfect will happens when we pray and wait. We don’t have to swing at the first pitch

Topic 3 How To Make Money And Spend It God’s Way Learn Biblical principles about money and management

Topic 4 Nails Just as there are many types of nails, so there are many types of Christians in our preparation and purpose

Topic 5 Reasons Why Evolution Is Stupid Dr. Hovind refutes many of the “evidences” for evolution

Topic 6 More Reasons Why Evolution Is Stupid

Topic 7 First Love Do you remember that clean feeling, how you couldn't wait to read the Bible or tell people about Jesus? Maybe it's time to remember, repent, and repeat.

Topic 8 Let’s Start A Fire Department This team building message discusses how God can use you just the way you are!

Topic 9 The Bible And Health Dr. Hovind interviews health experts who share some nutritional facts and Scriptural principles to improve our health.

Topic 10 School Ideas This presentation gives scores of ideas to improve classroom control, physical education, playground equipment, homework, testing, and more.

Topic 11 Where Is The Bride? Winning people to Christ remains one of the Christian's greatest duties. Satan never stops working to distract us from this mission. Learn ways you can prevent him from turning your focus away from God's true purpose for your life.

Topic 12 Public School Presentation Is it legal to teach creation in public schools?

Topic 13 Magic Tricks And How To Do Them Learn how to get and hold children's attention with a variety of magic tricks (illusions) that teach scriptural object lessons.