One Blood (for Kids)

by Creation Science Evangelism, Inc.

Go to the heart of this cultural issue!  Racism cannot be solved by laws, educational programs, or secular science.  It is a sin and only God has the solution. 

Discussions about “race” are too often confused with political correctness or cultural buzzwords.  Yet, it is vital to have this difficult conversation with children in a way they can understand.  And God has given us a simple, powerful answer in the Bible.

 Reveals how biblical history makes clear what science is only now understanding

  • Addresses cultural differences, people groups, and the science of skin tones
  • Sweeps away the flawed evolutionary foundation of racism with God’s enduring truth!

 Apologetics powerhouse Ken Ham provides children important insight and a biblical foundation that combats the idea of human “races.”  From the Garden of Eden to our world today, there is just one race – the human race.  Once you understand that, racism loses its power!

 Hard Cover

62 pages