Mere Christian Apologetics and Creation vs Evolution (Book & DVD Bundle)

by Creation Science Evangelism, Inc.

Mere Christian Apologetics and Creation vs Evolution (Book & DVD Bundle)

Buy the book and enjoy a complimentary copy of Dr. Kent Hovind’s Creation Seminar Series condensed into a 2 hour highlights DVD.  The book and DVD (in packs of 25) are also sold separately.  Dr. Hovind waives his copy rights for free distribution of his work.  Feel free to make copies and hand out to others as a witnessing tool.  The price is set super low so everyone can have a copy of these valuable resources. 

Mere Christian Apologetics

By James Stroud 

Why another book?  Because it is my opinion that while we can get a 300 page book on one Christian theological concept, we cannot get a simple book in approximately 150 pages that adequately covers the “what/why/how” Christianity is true.  Similarly biblical literacy and understanding continues to fall.  The following quote summarize our current plight: 

Many high school seniors believe that Sodom and Gomorrah were husband and wife, while a majority of Americans cannot name one of the four Gospels.  Jay Leno asked his Tonight Show audience one night to name one of Jesus’ twelve apostles; they came up empty.  One in ten Americans believes that Joan of Arc was Noah’s wife, and only on-third knows that Jesus (not Billy Graham) preached the Sermon on the Mount.” -Washington Monthly 

I believe this adequately sums up our current situation in the West and why we must revisit with believer and non-believer alike what it truly means to be a Christ follower today.  In this book James Stroud (MA History; BA Philosophy) not only breaks down why God must exist in easy to follow terminology, but why the Christian concept of God provides the most coherent answer to who this God is.  This is a very good introductory book for those wanting an overview of the Bible and apologetics in layman’s terms and how to better understand why Christianity is more plausible today than ever. 

Dr. Hovind wrote the forward for the book and stated:  “Very, very good stuff in here; love what James is doing in this book.  We need about 10,000 more folks like him working in creation – the need is everywhere and I am honored to be doing the foreword for this book.” 

Creation vs Evolution DVD with Dr. Kent Hovind

Each Creation vs Evolution DVD is a great way to get family, friends and neighbors interested in the Truth about God’s Amazing Creation. Want win souls to Jesus Christ? Hand them one of these DVDs.

What is included?
– Highlights of the entire 18-hour Creation Seminar Series jam packed into a 2-hour compilation DVD!