Help! How Do We Deal with Evolution in our Public School System?

by Creation Science Evangelism, Inc.


How Do We Deal with Evolution in our Public School System? 

This book is written in an e-mail format like Books I & II.  

In this guide, Dr. Hovind answers hard questions for those working within the public school system, as well as helping parents get involved in making a difference in our children’s education.  Learn effective, yet subtle ways to influence the heavy content of lies in the textbooks that claim to support this carefully protected religion of the state . . . evolution! 


“The state pays me to teach the approved curriculum, which has a book full of evolution.    What should I do?”  ~ Teacher 

“I’ve been a public-school principal, at our local high school, for over ten years . . . I know our textbooks teach man y of the lies you pointed out in Seminar Part 4 . . . What do I do?”  ~ Principal

 “Her teacher is really stuck on Evolution and pushes it hard on the kids, as I’m sure you know   by now.  How can I get involved?”  ~ Parent