Debate Set 1-10

by Creation Science Evangelism, Inc.

Creation vs Evolution Debate Series 1-10

Dr. Kent Hovind has debated over 100 evolutionists and atheists in various universities around the world.  Included in this series are the following debates:

DEBATE 1 - At The University of West Florida - a lively exchange with the students in an anthropology class.

DEBATE 2 - At The University of Central Arkansas - Biology Profesor Dr. Ben Waggoner tries to defend evolution.

DEBATE 3 - “Genesis: History or Myth?” - Dr. Hovind defends Genesis as historically and scientifically accurate.

DEBATE 4 - Dr. Hovind contends that evolution is a religion that should not be taught in tax-funded public schools.

DEBATE 5 - Does Geology Support Creation or Evolution?

DEBATE 6 - Does Biology Support Creation or Evolution?

DEBATE 7 - The Genesis Flood - A former Church of Christ preacher turned atheist contends the flood did not happen.

DEBATE 8 - Wayne State University - Dr. Hovind’s favorite debate. Dr. Moore, considered by many as the top evolutionist in his field, refers to Dr. Hovind as the “Hulk Hogan” of Creationists.

DEBATE 9 - Hovind vs Dr. Karen Bartelt, Ph.D. in Biochemistry. This outspoken evolutionist tries to prove evolution is scientific

DEBATE 10 - Is Evolution a Reasonable Theory? - Dr. James Paulson, professor of biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, tries to defend evolution as a valid scientific theory.