Creation Science Digital AV Support Pack Plus (USB Drive)

by Creation Science Evangelism, Inc.

Creation Seminar, Power Point Slides, Debates, Charts and Other Content on a Thumb Drive!

Creation Science Evangelism is proud to present almost 8 GB worth of content on a usb thumb drive! Below is what is included:

Creation Seminar Series: over 18-hours of scientific evidence proving the Bible's accuracy and the dangers of evolutionism. There are 8 mp4 video files that include “The Age of the Earth, The Garden of Eden, Dinosaurs and the Bible, Lies in the Textbooks, Dangers of Evolution, The Hovind Theory and Questions and Answers session”

Creation Seminar Power Point Presentation: the famous Power Point presentation Dr. Kent Hovind uses in the Creation Seminar Series is now available for public and private school teachers, as well as churches, to use across the world to teach their students the truth about the Creation of the world! The Creation Seminar Power Point Presentation includes “Part 1: The Big Bang Dud, Part 2: The Garden of Eden and Cave Men, Part 3: Dinosaurs in the Bible and Living Dinosaurs, Part 4: Lies in the Textbooks, Part 5: Evolution, Racism, Communism and Hitler, Part 6: The Hovind Theory and Part 7: Questions and Answers”.

Creation vs Evolutionism Debates: there is over 20-hours of hard hitting debates between Creation Science Evangelist Dr. Kent Hovind and atheist evolutionist professors at University's across the U.S. The There are a little over 20 mp4 video files that include “Dr. Hovind at the University, Creation vs Evolution, Genesis: History or Myth, Should Evolution Be Taught?, Does Geology Support Creation or Evolution?, Does Biology Support Creation or Evolution?, The Genesis Flood, Wayne State University, Hovind vs Bartelt, Is Evolution a Reasonable Theory?, Does Anthropology Support Creation or Evolution?, Does Botany Support Creation or Evolution?, Rutgers University Round 1, Is There Evidence For Evolution?, Three Views: Who's Right?, Rutgers University Round 2, The Great Compromise, Berkeley Finally Hears the Truth, Three on One! and How to Debate a Creationist”

Longevity Chart, WOE Verse Map and the CSE Notebook: the digital form of CSE Notebook along with the PDF version of the Longevity Chart, the WOE End Times Daniel Verse Map is also available in this thumbnail.