Creation Science Curriculum 201

by Creation Science Evangelism, Inc.

This Course is a detailed study containing 1 resource CD and 5 DVDs including lessons 1-10 (over 14-hours worth of educational video)

Included in the following series:
– Resource CD: Student Letter, Enrollment Form, Homework, Quizzes, Reading List and Creation Seminar Notebook
– Lessons 1-2: Why Creation Science? and The Lie of the Serpent and How We Can Be All Like g-ds…
– Lessons 3-4: Law of Thermodynamics and Problems in our Public Schools
– Lessons 5-6: What Worldview Do Most Americans Have? and Scientific Ways To Show Big Bang Theory is Terrible Science
– Lessons 7-8: Does Bible Match Evolution? and Geologic Column
– Lessons 9-10: Evidence For A Young Earth and Wrap Up of Creation Science Classes

SUMMARY: Dr. Kent Hovind systematically dismantles the false doctrine of the religion of evolutionism. What you believe about origins of mankind and the universe has a tremendous impact on the four great fundamental questions:

Where did I come from?
Who am I?
Why am I Here?
Where and I going when I die?

You will study ways to show that the earth is not billions of years old and discover why the big bang theory is a dud! You will also examine and learn how to refute the unscriptural compromises made by the church in the 1800's such as the gap theory and the day-age theory. These heresies neutralized the Christian resistance to the “billions of years” idea and paved the way for evolution to be accepted 40-years later…