Creation Science Curriculum 104

by Creation Science Evangelism, Inc.

This Course is a detailed study containing 1 resource CD and 5 DVDs including lessons 1-10 (over 15-hours worth of educational video)

Included in the following series:
– Resource CD: Student Letter, Enrollment Form, Homework, Quizzes, Reading List and Creation Seminar Notebook
– Lessons 1-2: What About the Ice Age? and The Hovind Theory on the Ice Age
– Lessons 3-4: Fossils from the Ice Age and the Effects of the Biblical Flood
– Lessons 5-6: The Biblical Flood in the Days of Noah and Questions and Answers Session
– Lessons 7-8: Why Did God Use the Flood? and Questions and Answers Session
– Lessons 9-10: Genesis and Bible Codes and UFOs

SUMMARY: This is a Biblical and Scientific study with a focus on the Age of the Earth. This course researches the scientific evidence that the Earth is young and the Bible is scientifically accurate.

The Big Bang theory is also examined in detail. Also thoroughly addressed is how the environment of the original creation differs from ours today, how it allowed men to live to be over 900-years old, how it allowed for the production of huge plants, and how it provided conditions.