Creation Science Curriculum 101

by Creation Science Evangelism, Inc.

This Course is a detailed study containing 1 resource CD and 4 DVDs including lessons 1-10 (over 15-hours worth of educational video)

Included in the series:
– Resource CD: Student Letter, Enrollment Form, Homework, Quizzes, Reading List and Creation Seminar Notebook
– Lessons 1-2: Why Teach CSE Classes? and Why Satan Hates Us
– Lessons 3-4: Review From Classes Before and Age of the Earth
– Lessons 5-6: How Old is the Earth? and Misc. Topics on Earth
– Lessons 7-8: Proof Earth is not Billions of Years Old and Water Vapor Canopy Theory
– Lessons 9-10: Canopy Theory and Before The Flood

SUMMARY: The course Creation Science 101 is a detailed scientific study with a focus on the age of the earth. Included in this 14-hour educational video series is a detailed examination of the big bang theory. These courses thoroughly address how the environment of the original creation differed from ours today, allowing men to live to be over 900 years old, plants to grow very large, and providing conditions favorable for dinosaurs to live.