Back to School Bundle

by Creation Science Evangelism, Inc.


Who do you know that attends public school or has a child that attends? These books will aid public school students as they handle science classes that contradict Scripture and science! The books are easy reading with a tremendous amount of information. Students will enjoy as they learn. We are offering all three books for just $15.00; a savings of $8.00 over buying individually.

While supplies last. For print copies only; not e-books

HELP Book I - I’m Being Taught Evolution in My Earth Science Class!

This unique book gives public high school earth science students practical steps to confront evolution in the classroom. Written in an e-conversation format between a student and Dr. Hovind, it is a fun, easy read that helps equip public high school students to defend the truth in a respectful manner.

Paperback/5.5 x 8.5”/40 pages

Help! Book II - I’m Being Taught Evolution in My Biology Class

This book is in the same format as Help! Book I

What people are saying about this book

“Great book for today’s youth! Very well organied, very in and appealing to the youth of today! Practical questions for students, with reminders to keep a good attitude. For the Christian youth that is wondering what to do and how to reconcile the truth with the lies, even just for himself, this book is a good tool!” - Hanna, Child Evangelism Fellowship teacher

“I love this book! I use it all the time. Dr. Hovind has helped me so much in my struggle with the evolution battle in my school!” - Liyang, public school student

Paperback/5.5 x 8.5”

Are You Being Brainwashed? Exposing Propaganda in Science Textbooks

Exposing the Lies and Propaganda in the Science Textbooks… There are so many lies in the science textbooks regarding the origin of man, it should make every parent, student, school board member and teacher wonder why these lies are being pushed on our children at a young age… Learn the truth about the Propaganda in the science textbooks and the dangers of evolution.

In this book we answer the following:

* What lies are in the textbooks?

* Are public school science students being taught false information?

* Could it be that the humanists are using the public school system to prepare students for their “new world order”?