Secrets Of The Ica Stones & Nazca Lines: Proofs Dinosaurs & Man Lived Together

by Creation Science Evangelism, Inc.

Proofs Dinosaurs and man lived together!

From Dennis Swift, the leading authority on Dinosaurs and man living together read about the new discoveries of dinosaurs and man co-existing and the amazing technology of ancient civilizations.

Book Contents:

Chapter 1: Stumbling Upon History
Chapter 2: Problems Carved On Stones
Chapter 3: The Stone Peddlers
Chapter 4: A Tour of the Stoneroom
Chapter 5: The Quest For Discovery
Chapter 6: The Riddle of Antiquity
Chapter 7: The Rocks Begin to Speak
Chapter 8: Rock Hard Evidence
Chapter 9: Flight Into Yesterday
Chapter 10: Dinosaurs Among The Moche
Chapter 11: Stone Age Surgery
Chapter 12: Crash Go The Chariots
Chapter 13: Riddles In The Sand
Chapter 14: Ancient Skywatchers
Chapter 15: Discovery In The Desert
Chapter 16: History of the Ica Stones
Chapter 17: The Final Witness