51 Reasons Why The King James

by Creation Science Evangelism, Inc.

Our world is split between two camps: those with faith, and those with doubt.

Right now, those with doubt are outnumbering those with faith. But God only blesses faith. It’s “the Christian faith” —not the Christian doubt.

Are there reasons to trust that God kept His promise to preserve His own words?

Yes! There are many.

This book is a small collection of those. People have been finding, not only what faith looks like, but have actually made the move and left the doubting Bibles, with their contradictory doctrines, and come to the King James. There they found a consistent message, consistent doctrine, and a consistent faith.

So they can hold the Bible up in their hands and say, “Thus saith the Lord! This is the words of God.”

Trusting God’s Words Can Change Your Church!
The result? An increase in holiness, faith, soul-winning, Christian growth and confidence in the Scriptures.

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