Summer Special 2019

by Creation Science Evangelism, Inc.

Summer Special 2019

We are committed to helping others know the truth about Creation vs Evolution.  These resources will help children to adults.  HELP Books III & IV were printed for the first time in June 2019.  We are offering this bundle to you through August 31 at a deep discount; a $103 value for just $60.  We hope these resources will be a blessing to you!  Included in this bundle are the following:

Creation Seminar Series Set ($50 Value)

This DVD set has over 18-hours of scientific evidence proving the Bible’s accuracy, and the dangers of evolutionism.  This award winning DVD video series discusses topics:

DVD #1 The Age of the Earth
DVD #2 Garden of Eden
DVD #3 Dinosaurs and the Bible
DVD #4 Lies in the Textbooks
DVD #5 The Dangers of Evolution
DVD #6 The Hovind Theory
DVD #7 and 8 Questions and Answers session.

HELP Series ($36 Value)

HELP I’m Being Taught Evolution in My Earth Science Class! (Book I)

This unique book gives public high school earth science students practical steps to confront evolution in the classroom.  Written in an e-conversation format between a student and Dr. Hovind, it is a fun, easy read that helps equip public high school students to defend the truth in a respectful manner.

HELP! I’m Being Taught Evolution in My Biology Class (Book II)

This unique book gives public-school biology students practical steps to confront evolution in the classroom.  Written in an e-conversation format between a student and dr. Hovind, it is a fun, easy read that helps equip public-school students to defend the truth in a respectful manner.

What people are saying about this book

“Great book for today’s youth!  Very well organied, very in and appealing to the youth of today!  Practical questions for students, with reminders to keep a good attitude.  For the Christian youth that is wondering what to do and how to reconcile the truth with the lies, even just for himself, this book is a good tool!”  - Hanna, Child Evangelism Fellowship teacher

“I love this book!  I use it all the time.  Dr. Hovind has helped me so much in my struggle with the evolution battle in my school!”  - Liyang, public school student

HELP! How Do We Deal with Evolution in our Public School System? (Book III)

This book is written in an e-mail format like Books I & II.  In this guide, Dr. Hovind answers hard questions for those working within the public school system, as well as helping parents get involved in their child’s education.  Learn effective, yet subtle ways to influence the heavy content of lies in the textbooks that claim to support this carefully protected religion of the state . . . evolution! 


“The state pays me to teach the approved curriculum, which has a book full of evolution.    What should I do?”  ~ Teacher 

“I’ve been a public-school principal, at our local high school, for over ten years . . . I know our textbooks teach man y of the lies you pointed out in Seminar Part 4 . . . What do I do?”  ~ Principal 

“Her teacher is really stuck on Evolution and pushes it hard on the kids, as I’m sure you know   by now.  How can I get involved?”  ~ Parent 

HELP! I’m Reading the Biology Textbook You Wrote and Have Some Serious Issues! (Book IV)

This book is an imaginary email exchange between Dr. Hovind and any one or all of the textbook authors, editors, and contributors involved in producing a public school biology textbook.  Although the exchange is fictitious, it represents the many conversations and debates Dr. Hovind has had with evolutionists over the years.

Are You Being Brainwashed; Exposing Propaganda in Science Textbooks  ($7 Value)

There are so many lies in the science textbooks regarding the origin of man, it should make every parent, student and teacher wonder why these lies are being pushed on our children at a young age… Learn the truth about the Propaganda in the science textbooks and the dangers of evolution… Every public school student, teacher, parent of a public school student, or school board member needs to know the truth about this vital subject.

In this books we answer the following:
  • What lies are in the textbooks?
  • Are public school science students being taught false information?
  • Could it be that the humanists are using the public school system to prepare students for their “new world order”? 

Reasons Why Evolution Is Stupid DVD Bonus

Dr. Hovind refutes many of the "evidences" for evolution.

This is part 5 of a 13 part Special Message Series by Dr. Kent Hovind