Creation Science Curriculum 102

by Creation Science Evangelism, Inc.

This course is a detailed study containing 1 resource CD and 5 DVDs including lessons 1-10 (over 15-hours of educational material)

Included in the following series:
– Resource CD: Student Letter, Enrollment Form, Homework, Quizzes, Reading List and Creation Seminar Notebook
– Lessons 1-2: The Caveman and Insects
– Lessons 3-4: Dinosaurs and How Do They Fit in the Bible and Noah's Ark
– Lessons 5-6: Are Dinosaurs Mentioned in the Bible? and Dinosaurs That Are Still Alive
– Lessons 7-8: Lies in the Textbooks and Darwin
– Lessons 9-10: Survival of the Fittest or Luckiest? and Hitler and Evolution

SUMMARY: The course Creation Science 102 is a detailed study of how dinosaurs were taken on the Ark, mentioned in the Bible, and recorded throughout history from early Babylonian times to even present encounters! Also, see how evolutionists have permeated public school textbooks with false information simply to promote their religious worldview.