World Religion Library

by Creation Science Evangelism, Inc.

We are all faced with the big "what if" of life. 

What if there is a God? Perhaps, more importantly, we are then faced with the question of which God is the right one?

After reading our collection of World Religion Library I'm confident that you will resolve all your questions about what is wrong with the other religions!

Books included in the Library:

  • The Prophet, Chick Publications (comic book)
  • The Enchanter, Chick Publications (comic book)
  • Angel of Light, Chick Publications (comic book)
  • Who Is This Allah? by GJO Moshay (paperback)
  • Christ, Muhammad, and I by Mohammad Al Ghazoli (paperback)
  • The Holy Scriptures vs. the Holy Koran by Peter Ruckman (paperback)
  • Understanding Roman Catholicism by Rick Jones (paperback)
  • Should a Christian Be a Mason? by David Daniels (paperback)
  • Answers to My Catholic Friends by Thomas Heinze (paperback)
  • Answers to My Mormon Friends by Thomas Heinze (paperback)
  • Why I Am Not a Calvinist by Peter Ruckman (paperback)
  • Why I Am Not a Moslem by Peter Ruckman (paperback)
  • Why I Am Not a Catholic by Peter Ruckman (paperback)
  • Why I Am Not a Seventh-day Adventist by Peter Ruckman (paperback)